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Enjoy a Picnic with Your Senior Loved One This Month!

Companion Care at Home in Lombard IL
Companion Care at Home in Lombard IL

Companion Care at Home in Lombard IL

July is National Picnic Month and it’s the perfect month for it. Warm weather and lower chances of rain, make it a great month to pack up a lunch and head to the great outdoors. A picnic can be a fun activity for an elderly loved one. It doesn’t require a lot of work, isn’t overly expensive, and can evoke wonderful memories of picnics from the past. You or a companion care at home provider can help your loved one plan a picnic to celebrate.

Picnics can be simple. Your loved one doesn’t need to have a charcuterie board and wine to have a picnic. A simple sandwich, some fruit, and maybe a sweet treat to top it all off can be all she needs to take another routine boring lunch and make it fun.

Where Should You Start?

Before determining where to head out to (and we’ll provide some suggestions next), help your loved one get packed up for her picnic. If you are bringing her, you might do all the food prep yourself, but if your loved one is going to go out on her own or have her companion care at home provider join her, then she might need to prep at home first. The one thing to remember about picnics is that everything you need needs to be brought along.

What Food Should You Bring?

For food, it can be as easy as grabbing some items from her fridge and pantry and letting those be the meal. Or, if planning ahead of time, your loved one can visit the market with her companion care at home provider beforehand to pick up something special like a unique cheese to spread on crackers or some fun pastries.

The next thing is to find a good container to transport the food in. While a little wicker basket with handles is the iconic container for a picnic, with temperatures soaring, a nice insulated cooler may be better.

Don’t forget to pack up all of the utensils, napkins, cups, and plates needed. Remember to consider serving spoons if you have items that will be shared like salads, and knives if you’ll have items that need to be cut once you’re there.

Once your loved one has everything ready, it’s time to determine where to go.

Great picnic places for your loved one and her companion care at home provider:

  • Local parks. Find your loved one a picnic table at a park and you’ve found the perfect place for a picnic! Look for picnic tables in the shade and if possible, bring a cover to help keep your food clean and uncontaminated from a dirty table.
  • A garden. There’s nothing more relaxing and beautiful than a picnic in or near a garden. The beautiful flowers will provide the perfect backdrop to whatever your loved one is enjoying for lunch. Remember to pack a blanket to sit on in case there aren’t any tables.
  • Sporting events. Summer outdoor sporting events are a great place to enjoy a picnic. Bring a chair and an umbrella for shade, then enjoy that sandwich and chips while watching the grandkids play tee-ball.
  • Finally, don’t forget the backyard. If your loved one is staying home with her companion care at home provider, they can head out to the backyard or apartment courtyard to enjoy a tasty picnic within steps of home.

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